Why Renting Furniture Makes Sense for Millennials and Gen Z

Social media have made us aware that both Millennials and Gen Z are two groups of people that have a fondness for breaking norms and paving new paths. They also lean towards asset-lite lifestyles for obvious reasons. Experts say that in the coming years, millennials and Gen Z will collectively pivot the way the world shops for consumer durables. Be it homes or cars or even regular household goods, youngsters are now hopping on to the ‘forever renters’ trend.  Here are the top 3 reasons why renting furniture makes sense for Gen Z & millennials.

#1 Renting Does Not Tie You Down

Gen Z and millennials identify as global citizens. Most of them love the idea of being free and untied to any one geographical location. A big reason for this is their jobs and professional lives. In an era where travel blogging is a viable career, settling in one city seems boring when you can travel to different places and live there for a few months. 

And that is something that can’t be achieved if you own too many assets. This is why renting is a great option. They can use furniture products as if they own them and once they are ready for a change, the products can simply be returned. Renting provides them with the flexibility that owning furniture can never provide. 

#2  Convenience And Affordability

In an era where groceries and even partners can be gotten with a few clicks, why should furniture be any different? Companies like Guarented go the extra mile to make convenient home furnishing packages for our customers. 1, 2 and 3 BHK homes can now be furnished with a few clicks. Our combos are designed to give you everything a basic home should have and they will make your home ready to live in within a matter of days. No spending several hours physically visiting furniture stores or assembling furniture that you purchased at exorbitant prices. 

Buy furniture on rent brings with it a certain convenience that is lacking in the way conventional homeowners shop for furniture. Guarented’s products come at attractive prices and bring with them a host of additional perks such as quick delivery, easy returns, relocation support within city limits, and even a unique feature called Rent-To-Own.

#3 Easy Upgrades

In an era where decor themes and styles undergo changes all the time, renting becomes the perfect way to experiment with different styles. With Guarented, you get access to a feature called ‘Easy Upgrades’ where you can switch to a different product in our catalog in just under a few clicks. If you’re renting a single bed with us and you need to shift to a double bed, we make it super easy at no additional formalities. Once you upgrade, the monthly rent will reflect the change and you’ll now get to enjoy a whole new product!

Head To Guarented And Say Hello To The Asset-Lite Lifestyle!

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