Winter Care Tips For Your Home & Appliances

If you’re in Bangalore, we’re sure you’ve started noticing the drop in temperature. As we head deeper into the winter season, we’re going to rely more and more on our home and our household appliances, especially around the Holiday season. So if you’re gearing up for a decent festival season after last year’s pandemic struck time, here are some winter cleaning tips.

Bye, Bye Dust

Dusting is typically step #1 in any cleaning project. We cannot tell you just how much damage the simple dust can cause by merely accumulating on surfaces, gaps in vents, and parts of appliances. And washing them away isn’t always an option. So if you have a vacuum cleaner, that probably would be the best way to get rid of dust in a dry manner. If not, dust away or wipe with a dry cloth. 

Experts advise that you start vertically. From top to bottom, start with whatever’s topmost, dust downwards till you reach the item placed closest to the floor. Once everything is dusted, broom the floors to get rid of whatever dust has fallen to the floor.

Scrub & Mop The Yuck Away

Once the dry dusting is done, step 2 is to wipe down everything with a moist cloth. Spare the appliances when you do this. Anything that works on electricity is best left for professionals to clean because if any damage happens to the wiring or parts, that will be expensive to fix. 

Use a gentle cleaning liquid diluted in water to mop the floors. If there are hard stains, you may need something stronger to be locally applied on the stain to help lighten it. 

Once all the mopping is done, leave the fans on and windows open. Some cleaning agents may give off chemical fumes which may take a few mins to evaporate off.

Appliance Care

We highly advise against any attempts to deep clean household appliances yourself. With the interest of the safety of both you and the appliance in question, we recommend that you get in touch with professional technicians to get larger household appliances like fridge, AC, washing machine, etc cleaned. If you are renting your appliances from Guarented, good news! We have periodic maintenance and service covered. All you need to do is place a call to us and let us know that you require a service visit. We’ll have a technician visit your place to take a look at the appliances you’re renting from us.

Do Not Skip Cleaning

I’m sure we don’t need to stress the importance of cleaning, especially since we’re in the middle of the pandemic. This winter is all the more crucial. We’ve been seeing a decline in the number of COVID cases but cleaning and disinfecting are still impertinent to keep our homes pathogen-free and safe. So grab a broom and get started!

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