Winter Is Coming. Is Your Home Ready?

Winters in Bangalore are a whole other level of awesome. The Garden City is slowly phasing into the cold as we near the mid of November. If you live in this city, we’re sure you’ve already started to feel that temperature drop. And while you gear up to power through the upcoming winter season, your home and its contents probably are not getting the attention they need. 

Did you know that colder seasons often trigger health issues in people? Some even say that mental health may get affected due to a certain somber and dull vibe that the season brings. Here are some tips for yourself and your home to stay healthy during the winter.

Keep Your Home Dry & Dust-Free

We cannot stress enough on the importance of keeping your surroundings clean and more importantly, dry. During winter, things around the house may get damp and cold, and that in turn, becomes a breeding ground for all kinds of pathogens. When you inhabit such damp, moldy spaces, your likelihood of contracting infections and general sickness amplifies. Air everything out, vacuum clean your furniture, wash your curtains and bedspreads and maybe even iron them for good measure. 

Also, since you are less likely to use the ceiling fans or even your AC during the winter months, now would be a good time to ensure that dust doesn’t accumulate on them. So yeah, it is official time for deep home cleaning.

No More Poor Sleeping Habits

If you’ve been crashing on your sofa or a bean bag or worse, the floor, now is the time to fix that. Given how cold the climate is going to be, you should avoid sleeping on the floor unless there’s a very thick mattress between you and the cold floor. A warm bed is great for good sleep and if you cannot afford to purchase a bed and mattress, rent one from Guarented at least for the colder months. 

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Make Your Home Winter Ready On A Budget

You’ll be hunkering down a lot during winter. Since a good chunk of the workforce is still opting to work from home, you have to make sure that your productivity doesn’t drop. Good sleeping arrangements, a home office setup, and means for quality entertainment are all vital.
Lucky for you, Guarented can rent out everything you need, complete with a free service warranty! Head to Guarented and get started with winter prep right away!

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