Winter Is Officially On: Is Your Home Ready For Christmas

December and Jan are the coldest months in most parts of India, more so in the north. Irrespective of where your home is, preparing for winter is kind of inevitable. Your furniture and most importantly, appliances would need a check to make sure that they are functional and free from faults ahead of the biting cold. And if you don’t have the necessary appliances and furniture, now would be a good time to get some. If you are a young adult wondering how to prepare ahead of winter, here are 5 simple tips you can employ right away!

Upgrade Your Home

If you sleep on the floor or if you have a kitchen that isn’t functional at all, winters will be hard to brave through. Sleeping on the cold floor isn’t as appealing as it sounds in the biting cold. And we’re sure that you know that Bangalore does get very cold during winter. You tend to end up with a lot of achy muscles and you may even end up exhausted due to insufficient sleep. Maybe it is about time that you got yourself a decent bed and mattress. Otherwise, you might spend more on medical bills.

Likewise, having a functional kitchen is kind of vital during the winter months. You may not always be able to order hot beverages or just mere warm water. Consuming cold food and beverages also is highly discouraged.

Clean Everything Thoroughly

Given the lower temperatures and lower amounts of sunlight, the winter season is known to cause mould and fungi growth in damp areas. Before the winter hits its peak, homecare experts recommend that you do a thorough cleaning of your entire home. Especially spots where sunlight doesn’t reach. Corners, the undersides of beds, appliances and objects that aren’t constantly moved. Dust and debris could become breeding grounds for harmful pathogens and cause diseases ranging from simple breathing trouble to deadly infections.

Fight Dryness

One of the first things you notice during the onset of winters is the dryness. Your skin, hair, of course, plants naturally dried up way before in the Fall. Even the very air around us would dry up as the moisture content in it falls considerably.

Most homeowners, especially those with young kids find it useful to invest in a humidifier. This appliance spreads a small amount of water into the air in the form of a fine spray or vapour. This prevents the nasal passages from drying up and therefore, helping us breathe better.

Get Your Home Appliances Checked Out

If you already have household appliances like refrigerators and washing machine etc, now would be a good time to get a professional technician to have them examined. And give them a routine maintenance service as well. Nobody looks forward to having an appliance breakdown, especially in the middle of winter when we rely on our appliances quite heavily.

You can skip all these hassles if you rent or buy from Guarented, because we provide free maintenance checks and services as part of our service warranty. All customers to rent/buy from us get additional budget protection and immeasurable convenience because all they need to do is give us a call when they want to have their appliances/furniture checked.

Load Up On Warm Clothes

Once your home is ready, the next step is to get the right clothing for yourself. Stock up on blankets, duvets and sweaters and everything you’ll need to keep yourself warm. Remember, you’ll need to have a washing machine to launder heavy woollens and the likes. Trying to hand wash them may be a bigger hassle than you think.

Make sure you have at least 3 sets of warm clothes. And finally, restock your kitchen, load up on soup and winter favs. If you have a microwave, you can simply pop it in and have steaming drinks and food anytime!

Get Winter Ready With Guarented

If you are hosting guests for Xmas, you definitely need to check out our article on how you can make your home Christmas ready. And if your home is just not that functional now, don’t worry. Get everything from furniture and appliances on Guarented for rent or sale! All our products are in excellent condition and they come loaded with perks. So get started! Welcome winter with Guarented!

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