Games That Pay You Real Money

Yes, this is a real thing. Some games do pay its players. Not virtual money. Real money. Some folks, especially in the west depend on gaming for an income and as unconventional as it sounds, it has become a popular choice among young people to pursue a career in gaming. This isn’t referring to game testing, which is an entirely different ballgame. We’re talking about gaming and climbing levels and participating in tournaments, winning which would certainly get you some cash.

Before we proceed any further, here’s a word of caution. Gaming doesn’t give you money immediately and the fraction of gamers earning any real money is quite small. You’ll need to be an established game expert and not a newbie to earn even a single penny. That is a lot of hours for the possibility of a little money. So unless you have another means of livelihood, best not pursue this just yet.

So, here are the names of games that pay you legit money –


Everyone’s heard of DOTA, especially in the gaming community. This multiplayer, battle arena game developed by Valve Corporation has gathered quite a few followers in a short span of time. DOTA conducts tournaments and has now become a very active competitive arena. Players form groups and play professionally in premium DOTA tournaments. DOTA tournaments even gather media attention and the prizes are often in millions. As of today, DOTA annual tournament called The International, held in Seattle, has the highest prize money for that of any eSport.

2. Team Fortress 2 (TF 2)

Yet another multiplayer, team based, shooting game in first person from Valve Corporation. The structure is quite similar to DOTA and each player will join one of two teams, each comprised of nine players. The storyline is that players join sides with either one of two feuding brothers and protect the assets of his own team while also trying to demolish the opponent’s assets. This game even made a playstation debut in 2007. Players battle each other in various game modes and each player will have his own specific skill sets, weapons and specialities. Like DOTA, TF2 is also played professionally and competitively. Tens of thousands of dollars are given as prizes in league games.

3. Second Life

This game is best described as a virtual game and not just a game. It made its debut around a decade back and still going strong. The in-game currency called Linden Dollars can be traded for real money and if played for sufficient amount of time, you should be able to make a profit in exchange.

This isn’t a very substantial source of income for every experienced players. However, money can be made even though it might not be too much.

4. Entropia Universe

Yet another MMORPG ( for non-gamers, this stands for massively multiplayer online role playing games. Phew!) that is built on real cash economy. This game was previously called Project Entropia and it underwent some revamping to be what it is today. The in-game currency here is called Project Entropia Dollars (PED) and has always been at a fixed exchange rate of 10 PED for 1 USD. This is probably one of the few games where the in-game economy closely matches with the real world one. Cash can directly be taken into a bank account. No middlemen necessary.

Enticed yet?

Remember what we said in the beginning? You will not make substantial amounts unless you play professionally for sponsored teams in big tournaments. So if you just started out, there’s a long way to go before you make a living out of it. We’re not saying it is a bad idea, we’re just urging you to practise caution before engrossing yourself in the world of video games.


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