How To Set Up A Home Office In Your Living Room

As the lockdown is being relaxed across the globe, we’re noticing that more and more corporations have finally realized that working from home is indeed a very productive experience. You save several hours in traffic, you have better work-life balance, you can work at a pace that is comfortable to you and above all, there seems to be less burn out when professionals start working from home. It seems very likely that a good percentage of working professionals will be given the opportunity to work from their homes. And that means, setting up an office at home is going to become a necessity for some of us.

What Is A Home Office?

Image of Laptop table

A home office or a study is a space where you can remove yourselves from the activities of your home to get productive and get work done. This space is typically an entire room. However, with homes getting more and more compact, it may not be possible for urban city dwellers to have an entire office room in their homes. 

This leads us to take up the next available option. Which is to use part of a room as your working space. And that again brings up the question of “which room”. Very often, the living room is the airiest, well decorated, and neutral area in an average house. Yes, we agree that living rooms tend to be where all the activity is concentrated, but that can easily be redirected. In fact, if you cope with the chaos, the living room lets you keep an eye on everything while you work.

To set up a home office, you need a set of things, furniture in particular that needs to be carefully chosen. Once you decide on a spot in your living room to use as your workstation. This is what follows.

Picking The Right Furniture For Your Home Office

Image of Study Table

This could be tricky. Regular office furniture like desks, chairs, and the likes have standard dimensions. And that means it may be hard to fit that into corners in your living room. However, Guarented has come up with a range of home-friendly office furniture. Go through our catalog for a better idea.

We are even open to making custom furniture across all categories. However, if you want the bare minimum, take a look at our Avenger’s laptop table and our selection of office chairs. These two are the only things you need to get started with your home office.

Get In Touch With Guarented

Be it to set up a workstation at home or to go full out and get a full-fledged office room at home with professional help from interior designers, we’re the guys you need to talk to. From home and office interiors to custom furniture making, Guarented does it all. Drop us an email and we’ll get started!

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